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We provide Free Horse Racing Picks every day for most tracks across North America. This picks section of this page is updated throughout the day when our team insert their picks on to the website. Our editor updates the strike rate numbers early in the morning (Eastern Time) daily.

Find all our latest Picks listed below along with some Frequently Asked Questions.

On Thursday we returned 6 wins from 25 races for a 24% win rate.

Full details at the bottom of the page under the 'How did you do Yesterday?' drop-down along with a weekly performance update (Mon-Sun) underneath the daily numbers.

We have free picks for the Breeders Cup event available today.

All of our selections when available can be found below in alphabetical order as and when our team has uploaded their selections for each track we are covering.

Keeneland Picks - Friday, November 4, 2022

  • Race 1: 8-1-2-6
  • Race 2: 8-6-2-1
  • Race 3: 11-3-8-1
  • Race 4: 9-11-2-8
  • Race 5: 6-1-3-5
  • Race 6: 6-2-6-1
  • Race 7: 10-3-4-1
  • Race 8: 6-9-1-11
  • Race 9: 3-10-4-1
  • Race 10: 8-1-2-6
  • **Most Likely Winner: Marsalis #11 (Race 3)**
  • **Best Value: Persian Force #6 (Race 6)**

Keeneland Picks - Saturday, November 5, 2022

  • Race 3: 12-5-4-11
  • Race 4: 6-8-1-2
  • Race 5: 5-9-2-1
  • Race 6: 3-11-4-1
  • Race 7: 9-2-11-4
  • Race 8: 4-13-5-1
  • Race 9: 6-1-7-3
  • Race 10: 7-5-11-4
  • Race 11: 4-1-8-3
  • **Most Likely Winner: Jackies Warrior #9 (Race 7)**
  • **Best Value: Lady Rocket #12 (Race 1)**

How to read our Picks

For those who are new to Horse Racing handicapping, what you'll find for each race is a line of four numbers informing you which number of horses for that race we have Picked to come first, i.e. if Race 1 said 3-6-8-2 then we are saying Horse 3 will win with our next choices for the win being horses 6 then 8 then 2 in that order.

Who makes the Picks?

Picks come our turf-man (J.N.), our Operations Officer (Mick), our Editor (Neil), and occasionally our UK editor (Paul) when stepping in for vacation cover. All of their Picks are clearly labeled each day.

Our in-house handicapper and turf-man will also provide analysis for their selections in written columns.

You can follow us on Twitter, where our handle is @HorseRacing_USA where we'll update all of our selections daily.

What tracks are being covered today?

Our turf-man - Off.

Our operations officer - Off.

Our editor - Off

How did you do Yesterday?

Thursday was another decent day for the team at HQ as we went 6 of 25 for a 24% strike rate overall on first preferences who ran.

Our turf-man was off.

Our operations officer went 6 of 25 for a 24% strike rate.

Our editor went was off.

How have you done so far this week?

So far we have had 13 winners from 56 races for a 23% win rate.

How have you done so far this year?

Weekly Wins:

Neil - 18

Mick - 12

Paul - 2

J.N. - 2

Where can I bet on Horse Racing?

You can bet on the races today with our partners TVG, AM Wager, or TwinSpires. You can find all of their bonus offers for new customers right-hand column (desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile). You can also check out all of the special offers on our Horse Racing Betting Offers page.

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